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PowerLMS is a feature-rich, powerful PHP Laravel learning management system that makes it simple for you to manage your online education business. With the use of this script, teachers and students can communicate and exchange knowledge.

It is an all-in-one PHP Laravel script for creating online courses, live webinars, sessions, and live classes and enrolling students in them. The package contains a front-end website that is responsive and is controlled by an extensive dashboard for administrators, instructors, and students. Administrators have complete control over the system, whereas instructors can build numerous courses with Lessons and Tests. Users can look through this list, choose a course, pay for it if they want, and sign up to take it at any time and from any location.

PowerLMS, the "All in one Learning Management System" suitable for bellow mentioned learning content creators.

  • School / Academy
  • University
  • Music Production
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Photography
  • Fashion Design
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Interior Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Cooking

PowerLMS Glimpse

Home Page

The best aspect of PowerLMS is that you may select your website from nine various layouts and manage every section that is offered in that theme. Students can easily browse and discover the best courses from the home page.

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Home Page


PowerLMS provide everything you need to showcase your courses and knowledge. Also, the student can easily enroll and start learning the course.

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Course Page


This is the most important place for the student and teachers as well. Students can track their learning progress from the individual course and can provide reviews, ratings, and comments for the course. PowerLMS supports multiple video formats like Zoom live classes, YouTube, Vimeo, Mp4.

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Lesson Page


Your students can attend quizzes and answer questions of different question types. They will get the quiz results in no time!

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Exam Page

Live Webinar

Your students can use the best flexibility to attend the Live webinar. They can easily join the webinar according to the schedule. Your enrolled students get notified and receive a timely reminder of the scheduled webinar.

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Webinar Page

Student Account

Students can create an account in PowerLMS to learn the courses, and attend webinars and live lessons. They can track all their course purchase history, course learnings, exam results, upcoming events, and many more in their profile.

PowerLMS - Frontend Theme Student Course Page

Course Category

Add your courses in different categories to organize your website for effective results. Your students and instructors can also find the best course by tracking the category.

PowerLMS - Instructor  panel Course Category page

Course Creation

Make your course easier with PowerLMS, Create courses without any hassle and without any programming knowledge. Provide basic information, requirements, outcomes, media, and so on to make the course effective.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Course Creation page


Preview your active, free, pending, payments and payouts, course status, and so on at a glance. Also, search for the desired course with an optimized filtering option.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Dashboard page

Bundles Creation

Offer packages with a set of multiple courses, Sell your courses as a bundle in a subscription model at a new price. Your students can purchase a subscription to get access. You can set the subscription period for different course bundles.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Bundle Creation page

Live Lessons

Create live lessons & sections without any code, Instructor can create, manage, and sell the courses in PowerLMS. Make the course more resourceful and organized by adding several lessons and sections.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Create Lesson page

Webinar Creation

Schedule live webinars, which students get enrolled in and get regular reminders from the system itself. Simply just paste your live season URL and the webinar gets live from the PowerLMS.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel webinar creation page


You can overview revenue from the report with an optimized filtering option. Monitor every detail with course title, revenue amount, payouts, enrollments, and so on.

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Report page


Make your course more effective Add multiple quizzes to the course after completing the lessons or attachments. Set time limits, select from several predefined question types, and so on

PowerLMS - Instructor panel Quiz Creation page


Preview your sales and platform earnings, payments and payouts, course status, and so on at a glance. Also, search for the desired course with an optimized filtering option.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Dashboard page

Manage admin role

Admin can add new users, and assign them roles and modules.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Admin role Page

Manage Category

Admin can create, sort, edit or delete categories and manage their structure. Instructure just has to select an already added category by admin while creating the course.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Course Category  Page

Course List

Admin can view all the added courses by an instructor and manage their status like approve and reject. Also can search and sort the courses by category, date, price, status, and instructor.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Course List Page


The entire website can be managed from the configuration module. It will provide you with all the Layout control, eMail, Website details, Social media, Captcha, Language and Payment settings, SEO information, and much more.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Configurations Page


Admin can control all the website Widgets like Promotional Section, Our Goal Or Vision Section, Video Promotion Section.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Widgets Page

CMS Pages

Admin can add new, edit, or delete the pages and generate their slugs and enter Meta information for SEO.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel CMS Page

Menu Manager

Place each item in the order you prefer. Click on the arrow to the right of the item to display more configuration options.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Menu Manager Page


PowerLMS is also designed for multilingual content. Admin can easily add new, edit, or delete the Languages by using this module.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Language Page

Manage Instructor

Every capable individual can get the opportunity to become an instructor in PowerLMS by application. Only the admin can approve or disapprove this application and create a new instructor. Admin can also overview the pending and approved applications at a glance.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Manage Instructor Page


Each registered user can be considered a student and the admin can view their profile and enrolled course-related information.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Student Page


Only the admin will have full access to the website blog, Admin can add new blogs, and edit or remove them from the website. Also manages the blog categories.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Blog Page

Admin Reports

You can overview revenue from the report with an optimized filtering option. Monitor every detail of course payments, revenue amount, enrollments, dates, payout requests, and so on.

PowerLMS - Administrator Panel Admin Reports Page


PowerLMS - Smart script installation and update Feature

Smart script installation and update

PowerLMS - Intuitive theme design with mobile responsive Feature

Intuitive theme design with mobile responsive

PowerLMS - Social and manual login/signup Feature

Social and manual login/signup

PowerLMS - Multiple Dynamic Frontend Layouts Feature

Multiple Dynamic Frontend Layouts

PowerLMS - Multi-Language support Feature

Multi-Language support

PowerLMS - Multiple content types (Video courses, Live Classes, Live webinars) Feature

Multiple content types (Video courses, Live Classes, Live webinars)

PowerLMS - Multiple Video Player Support (YouTube and Vimeo integrated) Feature

Multiple Video Player Support (Youtube and Vimeo integrated)

PowerLMS - Bundle Course Feature

Bundle courses

PowerLMS - Course Subscription Feature

Course Subscription

PowerLMS - Course Review System Feature

Course Review System

PowerLMS - Course completion certification Feature

Course completion certification

PowerLMS - Free Course Feature Available

Option available for Free Course

PowerLMS - Zoom integration for Live Sessions and Webinar Feature Available

Zoom integration for Live Sessions and Webinar

PowerLMS - Webinar Feature Available


PowerLMS - Instructor dashboard Feature Available

Instructor dashboard

PowerLMS - Admin dashboard Feature Available

Admin dashboard

PowerLMS - Role Management Feature Available

Role Management ( Manage admin roles)

PowerLMS - Menu Manager Feature Available

Menu Manager

PowerLMS - Course Manager Feature Available

Course Manager

PowerLMS - Course Statistics & Analytic Feature

Course Statistics & Analytics

PowerLMS - Payment Gateways Feature

Payment Gateways Like Stripe, Razor Pay, PayPal, PayU, Offline

PowerLMS - Invoice Print and PDF support

Invoice Print and Pdf support

PowerLMS - Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor

Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor

PowerLMS - Instructor analytic and reports Available

Instructor analytics and reports

PowerLMS - Admin reports Available

Admin reports

PowerLMS - Manage Blog

Create and manage a Blog

PowerLMS - Section On/Off for all homepage sections

Section On/Off for all homepage sections

PowerLMS - Built-in accounting system Features

Built-in accounting system

PowerLMS - 24/7 Professional Developer support

24/7 Professional Developer support

PowerLMS - Certificate Builder

Certificate Builder

PowerLMS - Scalable And Secure

Scalable And Secure

PowerLMS - Dedicated Forum

Dedicated Forum

Need LMS Customization?

We provide complete LMS customization services. We have eLearning experts who know how to get the most out of LMS.
New Functionality

Extending or modifying PowerLMS beyond its listed features. For any development work, you can always come up with your custom request.

New Integrations

You can simply request new integrations, our expert developer will analyze and make it compliant with PowerLMS.

Server Environment Setup

Our server experts will help you in configure web hosting, server environment or software.

Additional Scripts or Custom Code Added

If you need to add any custom code and scripts you can simply make customization request to prevent any website code conflict.

Website Speed Optimization and SEO

Feel free to get a quote for optimizing your website performance or search engine optimization

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PowerLMS google drive
Google drive

Google Drive-hosted videos can be used in courses or webinars

PowerLMS - Facebook  Icon
Facebook Login

Students can log in through Facebook

PowerLMS - Google Login  Icon
Google Login

Students can log in through their Gmail account

PowerLMS - YouTube  Icon

Youtube hosted videos can be used in courses or webinars

PowerLMS - Vimeo Video Icon
Vimeo video

Vimeo-hosted videos can be used in courses or webinars

PowerLMS - Zoom Icon
Zoom live class

Zoom live streaming service integrated

PowerLMS - Amazon Icon
Amazon S3 bucket

Amazon S3 bucket-hosted videos can be used in courses or webinars

PowerLMS - Paypal Payment Icon
Paypal payment

Paypal payment gateway is integrated for course purchase

PowerLMS - Stripe Payment Icon
Stripe payment

Stripe payment gateway is integrated for course purchase

PowerLMS - Razorpay payment Icon
Razorpay payment

Razorpay payment gateway is integrated for course purchase

Coming soon

PowerLMS - Slack Icon

Students & Instructors can discuss their topics within channels

Coming soon

PowerLMS - Firebase Icon

Used for In-app and web notifications

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JThemes Studio focuses on the solution to people's problems. Already have years of experience in developing LMS.


Each module and feature of the PowerLMS is well described to keep in mind our non-technical customers.

After-sale support

We are available 24*7 and we are committed to solving each query in minimum time. Customer satisfaction is our end goal.

Timely Updates

PowerLMS gets updated with new features and bug fixes regularly. Our old customers also get notified of the latest update.


Every release version of PowerLMS is thoroughly tested with multiple levels concerning bugs and user experience.

Latest Technologies

PowerLMS script is developed with the most advanced technologies like Laravel, MySQL, etc.. with the latest version code.

Our Customer Reviews

The most important thing for us is what our customers think about the product

Frequently asked questions?

By reaching out to the PowerLMS team, interested buyers can learn more about PowerLMS's features, pricing, and other relevant details that can help them make an informed decision. Whether you're an educational institution, a corporation, or an individual looking to enhance your learning or training experience, contacting our team to purchase PowerLMS is a great first step toward achieving your goals.
Interested buyers make contact by filling out the form "Discuss your LMS needs" Or can always write to us on for any queries.
Once you confirm the package, that you are looking to purchase for PowerLMS, you can choose to pay via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and also UPI.
No. The license price is one-time and you do not have to pay any extra for the latest version updates.
Yes, 1-Year Developer support is available for Plus and Premium customers.
If you already have a discount coupon code you can use it while purchasing the script. We will have the discount and offer on some special occasions but there is no confirmed schedule for it.
No, You need to purchase a new license for each domain.
You can directly contact our support center and discuss all your requirements in detail. We’ll draft a proposal and contract for the custom development and send it to you for acceptance. After you approve, we'll start the work to achieve your goal within the deadline. Custom features or any other kind of new development are not added to the support.

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Technical Details

Built with:
Minimum Php version:
> ~ 8.1
Required server:
Apache/ Nginx
Mod rewrite module status:
Required Physical Memory:
Laravel version:
MySQL Version:
> ~ 5.8.7
URL status:
Project Size:

Planning migration to PowerLMS?

If you are trying to figure out how to migrate your website or NeonLMS script to PowerLMS? then please don't worry about the migration and its process, it is on us. We will help you migrate your current website to PowerLMS, and most of your regular site elements will not be affected by changing themes. LMS Migration Services is an integral part of our core services available to our clients.
PowerLMS - Discuss Requirements icon PowerLMS - Discuss Requirements icon
Discuss Requirements

We get on a chat or call and discuss your existing system and its business processes in detail. We'll clear up all the doubts on both ends.

PowerLMS - Access Data icon PowerLMS - Access Data icon
Access to the data

You need to provide our development team with access to your current website. We'll keep it confidential.

PowerLMS - Analyze the way icon PowerLMS - Analyze the way icon
Analyze the way

We analyze the content, functionalities, and technologies used and based on that we’ll provide timelines, cost, and scope.

PowerLMS - Migrate the data icon PowerLMS - Migrate the data icon
Migrate the data.

Once you agree on the final scope, we'll start working on the migration and keep you posted regularly.